“Dallaglio RugbyWorks provided him with an opportunity which would deflect from the gang activity that atrracted many of his peers."


Javaun was excluded from school at a critical time in his education, just before his GSCE's. He was relocated from a mainstream school to an Alternative Provision (AP) school in Southwark which is surrounded by gang activity and often negative inner city influences.

Javaun represents a typical teenager on the RugbyWorks programme. Charismatic, bright and ambitious; but that was hiding underneath an initial layer of insecurity through which his actions
masked his potential.

As an active teenager, it didn't take long for Javaun to engage with the programme. He quickly understood how we wanted to work with him and became aware that Dallaglio RugbyWorks provided him with an opportunity whic would deflect from the gang activity that attracted many of his peers. He had seen enough and had enough. He wanted to make a change.

Now in the third year of Dallaglio RugbyWorks, Javaun is a peer mentor for a group funded by the Mayor of London, working in deprived areas and supporting those who have been excluded or are in prison. He has naturally undertaken a role which simulates our work with him having recognised the value in mentoring and handson guidance.

Alongside this, we provided him with the opportunity to work with Cheers Mate, a production company specialising in sports analysis and performance. He was presented with a paid opportunity to travel to Ipswich for the weekend to work on a project which required him to stay away from home in an unfamiliar environment. This sort of situation cannot be underestimated for the young people we work with as moving outside of their comfort zone leads to vulnerability and often misjudgement of actions. Javaun however managed the project in his stride and the experience led him to enrolling on a ten week media course to find out more about the industry.

Most recently, Javaun represented Dallaglio RugbyWorks at a meeting with the Secretary of State for Education Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP. We're excited for Javaun's future and are proud of what he is doing to support young people who have been in his situation.

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