“A particular highlight for Tom was his positive involvement during an Employability Day at Halfords. Tom has previously stated his ultimate goal is to own a motor garage.”


Year group: 11
% of DRW sessions attended: 96%
School attendance: 96%
Number of employability days attended: 3 - Halfords Days
Number of tournaments attended: 3

Tom is currently a Y11 student at Countesthorpe Leysland Community College in Leicester. He has been involved with Dallaglio RugbyWorks since our first taster session with the school in the summer of 2017 when he was a YR9 student. Tom lives with his mother, step-dad and older brother and is conveniently located just 5 minutes from the school. Tom appears to have fairly adept social skills and is seen to be a popular character amongst his peers.

Tom appears to lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle choosing to stay in bed until the last minute before school starts. He opts not to participate in any physical exercise or sport outside of school additional to his Rugby Works sessions. Primarily his free time is spent playing electronic and X-Box games. It is evident since our initial contact with Tom he has had a noticeable weight gain and subsequently struggles to maintain momentum and keep up with his peers during practical activities. Although there is no tangible evidence, it is possible this has affected his confidence and could be a contributing factor to his lower scores recorded for communication and fairly hostile change in body language.

A particular highlight for Tom (and the East Midlands region!) was his positive involvement during an Employability Day at Halfords. Tom has previously stated his ultimate goal is to own a motor garage. However he had limited experience in the trade and was not accepted on the Vehicle Maintenance course at school. This decision lead to some resentment towards school. Tom's understanding is that the school deemed his grades to be 'too high' to qualify. During the lead up to the Halfords employability experience Tom was excited and eager to gain some 'real time hands-on' experience. On the day itself he surpassed all expectations; he was both enthusiastic and engaging throughout. Dallaglio RugbyWorks had arranged for Tom to spend time with the current Halfords Apprentices. It was so refreshing to witness Tom speaking so passionately and with genuine interest about the day's activities, alongside working hard to understand what the Halfords Apprenticeship scheme would entail.

Furthermore, of his own volition Tom approached the Halfords manager about the possibility of work experience with them.

This is an extremely encouraging leap forward and something we did not foresee at this stage.

Reviewing the outcome of the Employability Day with Tom, he was delighted with the experience and it has further strengthened his desire to own a motor garage in the future.

Tom has further recognised the in-depth level of knowledge, skills and experience that is required to competently operate and become a motor garage owner. Following the encouraging feedback from the Halfords team together with the positive portrayal of their apprenticeship scheme, Tom has successfully completed a further 3 work experience days with Halfords (supervised by DRW's). This is alongside both the consent and support of his Head Teacher ensuring this extra activity does not interfere with his current school timetable.

Succeeding the Employability Day, Tom has undertaken two further days' work experience with a local motor garage, which equally he enjoyed and gained a lot from.

Looking at Tom's Matrix Scores Tom it is progressing, however as previously mentioned his Communication score has declined mainly influenced by his Body Language. This dip in score seems to appear after the school holiday. Noticeably for Autonomy on Dosage 22 and Attitude on Dosage 17 – this pattern could possibly be due to sessions being held on a Monday, therefore finding it a little more challenging to establish a structured routine again if still adjusting from the weekend break.

To support Tom's progression, we intend to work closely with the school to facilitate further work experience to take place at Halfords. Furthermore during sessions, our main focus will be to encourage Tom to remain active alongside keeping him interested and engaged. Tom is now on the countdown to finishing school. It is our intent to help develop his confidence and support his progression in communication skills.

Tom turns 16 in December and will no longer require a chaperone for his visits to Halfords. From this point onward it has been agreed with both Halfords and the school to increase Tom's time with them and he will attend work experience with Halfords weekly.

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