"Given his starting point, Josh’s transformation during just one year of RugbyWorks has been enormous".

Tom, Bristol Coach, Dallaglio RugbyWorks


“You can’t get me up here, can you?” These words, shouted down from the school roof, were the first our coaches heard from Josh. The tough challenge they knew lay ahead was underpinned by Josh’s chaotic home life as he bounced around different family members, never truly able to call anywhere home.

As a boy who’d experienced his share of empty promises, the reward-for-commitment ethos of RugbyWorks was tough for Josh to buy into. And despite being a gifted sportsman, rugby’s unfamiliarity was initially a barrier for him too. Josh’s coaches needed to work hard on developing his self-confidence. They improvised, bringing in tweaks from football and inventing hybrid sports that helped him slowly find his feet – and his voice.

Steadily, Josh’s trust in his coaches grew. Although things didn’t always go to plan – public failure amongst his peers was always traumatic – this emerging trust meant that, even when he vented and stormed off, Josh started to listen as his coaches calmed him down.

Given his starting point, Josh’s transformation during just one year of RugbyWorks has been enormous. As his coaches build on this early growth in year two, they’re hoping Josh fulfils his promise to become the group role model they know he can be.

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