Lawrence, the Foundation team and some of our supporters were lucky enough to be invited to the ICGC labs at the institute of Cancer Research to see how our fundraising is helping.

Giving the final push

During our partnership with Cancer Research UK, we focused on one of the most innovative research projects on cancer today. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, and although huge improvements in survival have been seen in the last few decades, it still claims the lives of around 29 men every single day.

The Dallaglio Foundation are proud to be supporting the UK-arm of this ambitious prostate cancer initiative by funding the £2.5m research project supported by Cancer Research UK as part of the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC).

Close to the end of funding this project, we have risen to this challenge and thanks to the incredible mobilisation of our supporters around the Cycle Slam and 8 Rocks events we have now raised over £1.9 million and hope to reach our final target by the end of this year.

Making strides

We are pleased to report that Professor Ros Eeles and Professor Colin Cooper, who jointly lead the project, have informed us that it is progressing well and they have already received the first sets of genetic data from the prostate cancers and these are now ready for analysis. This information will help researchers across the world to develop new, more personalised ways to tackle the disease and ultimately helping more men to live longer lives.

The prostate cancer initiative for ICGC is all about generating invaluable data that will power the search for new ways to tackle prostate cancer. Much of the funding pays for the high-tech genetic sequencing of tumour samples, mapping and homing in on the faults that drive prostate cancer. The next step is analysing the data to find vital clues – serious number-crunching relying on the expertise of world-leading scientists and the power of the latest computing technology.

Doing our part for personalised medicine

We are living in a golden era of medicine and Cancer Research UK believes that in the future no one's life will be cut short by cancer. Personalised medicine will help make this a reality. It's about matching patients with the treatment that will work best for them and the ultimate aim is to treat every patient as an individual, helping to make treatment more successful and creating more tomorrows for families across the UK. Lawrence and the foundation back this objective with all their strenghts.

Lab Tour

Back in March, we visited the ICGC labs, to catch up with Ros, Colin and their team. The lab tour was a fantastic insight- we were taken into the lab itself and guided through each stage of the project, from recruiting patient samples in the hospital to analysing the data that are taken from those tumour samples. It was a truly humbling experience to realise the extraordinary expertise and impact that this team brings to research into cancer.

Will Moore's story

Will is a Dallaglio Foundation supporter; he is 45 and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. His cancer went undetected for some time and his doctor said he was the second youngest person he had ever diagnosed with the disease. His treatment has been successful and he is now living an active and happy life with his wife and two boys. Will believes that projects like ICGC could have changed his cancer experience...

"Had I been able to benefit from ICGC, knowing that I had a family history of cancer, it's quite possible that I would have been diagnosed earlier, avoided two years of incorrect treatment and the financial costs involved. I've had a number of different treatments over the last four years and if I was part of an ICGC program it would be clear as to whether I just bite the bullet and have a total prostatectomy (or not). If I had genetic testing it would make a HUGE difference as to how I would go about my treatment strategy and help me make informed decisions."

A Team Effort

When we asked Professor Ros Eeles why it was important for her to meet the Dallaglio Foundation she said...

"It is a great privilege for us to meet the Dallaglio Foundation, their supporters who have funded the project and it has helped us to emphasise how much of a team effort this project is. There is the scientific team, which is enabling the project to happen but also a real team of fundraisers behind the Dallaglio Foundation who are raising money to support this important work and we are very grateful to them."

Thank You from Harpal

'I am extremely proud that Cancer Research UK has been working with the Dallaglio Foundation now for over four years and 2012 was our most successful year yet. The team have worked incredibly hard and gone a long way towards their aim of raising £2.5 million for the prostate cancer arm of ICGC.

Lawrence's passion and determination to support our groundbreaking work never fails to amaze me and I would like to thank him, Rachel and all the team, along with the Dallaglio Foundation supporters for their continued commitment to this important project.

Together we will bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.'

Harpal Kumar
CEO Cancer Research UK

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