Abdirahman, a visually impared young person from a school in Victoria Park joined us with his teacher Stuart Block for the final day of Dallaglio Cycle Slam.  Abdi had never been into the countryside before so riding through it on a tandem was quite an experience.

 My name is Abdirahman and I have recently embarked on a long cycle journey to Twickenham rugby stadium. I was training for this big event for the last 6 weeks. During the training sessions I have cycled with Stuart around my local area and Victoria Park.

My journey began from Morpeth School at 11 am. My frustration really got to me because I was missing my options on Thursday but I said to myself this is going to be a fun day out. I tried to not stress myself out because of the amount of work I was going to miss out on. Stuart said not to worry as there would be plenty of time to catch up! Cycling across London was a problem for me because of the pollution from the cars and buses made my asthma worse. I coughed a lot of times, which wasn’t really a good sign since I just started the journey and there was more than 50km to go at the other end!

We went on First Great Western train from Paddington to Maidenhead station. Passengers were annoyed with us as he had our tandem in the carriages. From Maidenhead station I cycled with Stuart to Twickenham Rugby Stadium, intercepting the group on the way.

We met Bill’s group which included David & Lizzie who all really welcomed us Bill bought us an ice cream when I really needed a break. It was amazing how far they had already cycled, especially Bill who was about the same age as my grandfather. That gave me confidence that I could finish the ride. Having never visiting the country, it was great to be in the fresh air, such a contrast to the fumes of London! Along the way the sound of cycles changing their gears erupted my ear drums and made me nervous as I wanted to come first, even though it wasn’t a race. I got to meet other cyclists and a famous Rugby Player called Lawrence at Twickenham. The hardest bit was cycling through Houslow where I wanted to give up as my legs were so tired and bum was hurting but I didn’t want to let anyone down.

By the time we reached the Rugby ground with more than 60 other riders in a big group, I was exhausted by very happy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey as it was challenging, fun, active, exciting and overall it was for charity I wanted to raise lots of money for Pupils in Referral Unit to help them stay out of trouble. Although I haven’t played Rugby, it looks like an amazing game! You can sponsor Stuart and I here.


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